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L'eau Serge Lutens eau de parfum 100ml vintage

L'eau Serge Lutens eau de parfum 100ml vintage

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Crisp and clean, the fragrance is punctuated with refreshing hues. Evoking the comforting aroma of crisp linen, the scent aims to capture the perfect peace of that first night spent on freshly washed sheets.

As put by the icon himself, Serge Lutens, the scent recalls “a hot iron moving back and forth on freshly washed linen” leaving “the impression of having a cheek on a cotton pillowcase”. Despite the rich blend of notes, the fragrance feels distinctly minimalist, understated and refreshing, never overpowering. A careful fusion of uplifting citrus scents and grounding herbaceous hues, the notes grace the skin with a scent of cleanliness.

Opening with an inviting Citrus accord, the fragrance quickly dives into the delicate heart, merging Mint and Magnolia to cocoon the skin with a natural accord. Intensified by the earthy note of Musk, the base guides the perfume into its illuminated final form.

Carefully crafted, the bottle is luxury glass work – polished, bevelled and hammered to perfection. Transparent and pure, the vessel radiates a sense of understated elegance. Crafted from premium grade raw materials, Serge Lutens favours natural ingredients for its masterpieces.

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